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MARS RED SKY - pre-order the new album

MARS RED SKY - pre-order the new album

Dawn Of The Dusk, the groundbreaking return album of France's heavy psychedelic pillars Mars Red Sky - to be released on December 8th on Vicious Circle and Mrs Red Sound - is now available for pre-order! Go!

• Pre-order Dawn Of The Dusk on CD
• Pre-order Dawn Of The Dusk on classic black vinyl
• Pre-order Dawn Of The Dusk on marble trans-lime vinyl (limited edition)

AVAILABLE ON: CD (Digipak - 2 panels - uncoated paperboard - poster/booklet included) - BLACK VINYL (12" - uncoated paperboard - printed inner sleeve - download coupon included) - MARBLE TRANS-LIME VINYL / LIMITED EDITION (same than classic black but with a red colored vinyl - only 150 copies on this site)

TRACKLIST: 1. Break Even / 2. Maps of Inferno / 3. The Final Round / 4. A Choir of Ghosts / 5. Carnival Man / 6. Trap Door / 7. Slow Attack / 8. Heavenly Bodies

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This fifth studio effort from French heavy psychedelic stalwarts MARS RED SKY is a genuine conceptual piece of work skilfully designed to take the listener on a journey through a shifting, unpredictable and even utterly disconcerting sonic universe. Bordeaux-based trio explore progressive and post-metal territories with boundless inspiration. Their original signature of jagged vocals and thundering rhythm is spiced up by drones and various mid-kraut rock and mid-gothic effects. The atmospheres and settings are finely crafted, with Julien Pras's voice adding a delicious pop languor. The music is the master of the narrative here, absorbing all the components of the album and shaping them into a kind of reversible allegory, as appealing as disturbing. The tour de force of Dawn Of The Dusk lies in its ability to carve out a unique creative sphere in which you can't help but marvel.



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