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IT IT ANITA - new single out now

IT IT ANITA - new single out now

In celebration of their ten years of existence and constancy on the European indie roads, the most endearing Belgian rockers IT IT ANITA are back and today publish Don't Bend (my friend), a amazing new single that also announces a new album to be released this fall on Vicious Circle! Massive and precise production produced by one of the references of the genre Amaury Sauvé, Don't Bend (my friend) and its aggressive noise rock can be discovered on digital platforms, as well via its restrospective/memory video edited by Guillaume Van Ngoc.

Long live the next ten years of IT IT ANITA! More details about the new album and many concerts will be announced in the coming weeks.

'10 years since It It Anita was born. A decade, hundreds of shows, and a few line-up changes later, we've never been more eager to release new music and go back on tour. Many thanks to Damien, Christophe, François and Mika for everything they brought to the band, thanks to Guillaume, Philippe and everyone at Vicious Circle, to all the music professionals around us who believed in the project and supported it, thanks to all the great music bands we met on the road. But mostly, thank YOU, who have been following us and listening to our music & coming to our shows for ten years now.' IT IT ANITA


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