Vicious Circle

Established in 1993, the French independent record label Vicious Circle, with 150 releases under its belt, stands out with its eclectic and often remarkable selection of artists from France, Scandinavia, Germany, Argentina, New Zealand, Belgium, USA, etc. Through its roster, Vicious Circle is eager to share emotions and bursts of anger, love, and excitement.

Vicious Circle has released records by Shannon Wright, Chokebore, Elysian Fields, Capsula, Troy Von Balthazar, Mansfield.TYA, Puppetmastaz, We Insist!, The BellRays, Minor Majority, Girls Against Boys, Flip Grater, The Ex, The Notwist, Le Klub Des 7, Elyas Khan, Calc, and many more.

The last signed artists are It It Anita, Lysistrata, Elias Dris, The Psychotic Monks, SLIFT. 

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The offices of Vicious Circle Records are located in Bordeaux, France.

Vicious Circle is also a record shop in Toulouse, France.


12 place de la Victoire

33000 Bordeaux

- France

Ph. : +33 (0)5 57 59 14 13 (if you sent a demo, please do not call - read below). 

A&R : read the demo policy section and send your submissions here

Medias : Guillaume Le Collen 

Online shop : questions about your order, please write here

Digital Distribution : Idol (World), Cargo (GAS)

Physical Distribution : L'Autre Distribution (France), Cargo (GAZ), Benelux (Clear Spot), Cobraside (USA)

Demo policy

You can send your submission, but ONLY :

I can say that it's very interesting platform and the service on the highest level. I like such resources, so I think that this is also great post to read which allows to pay someone to do your assignment and provide other necessary help with educational stuff. I'm sure that any work must be provided professionaly.
  • 3 tracks minimum.
  • short biography.
  • we will watch your videos only if we are interested by the music.
  • 1 or 2 photos maximum.

send an email to

Be patient please. No need to write or call. We will listen to any submission and we will write you even if we are not interested. Thank you very much.


If you are looking for working in a cool French label, drinking wine, doing surf and listening to music.

If you are a student and are looking for intership in a company, Vicious Circle offer you mainly in communication and promotion.

Please contact Guillaume Le Collen.