Alexandre Delano

After releasing five albums with his band The Delano Orchestra (as the leader/singer), and then the group's collaboration with Jean-Louis Murat, BABEL, Alexandre Delano is releasing his first solo record, Eau—the lyrics in french this time. 

Alexandre Delano (a.k.a. Alexandre Rochon) is a french composer, musician, and video artist. Soon after completing a law degree, in 2006 Rochon created the record label Kütu Folk Records (renamed Kütu Records in 2015), and became its artistic director. Kütu works to align musical ambition with keen aesthetic. Each of the label's artists designed the artwork for their albums themselves and every Kütu record is released in a hand-sewn cardboard sleeve. Thus, in this time of dematerialization of music, the label emphasizes the importance of the material. Listening to The Delano Orchestra's previous five albums (released between 2006 and 2013), the group's signature sound reverberates addictively—a refined folk/rock resonance and melodic character frequently compared to brilliant artists such as Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, Sigur Ros, and Flotation Toy Warning (to name a few). The Delano Orchestra has performed several shows in prestigious venues, such as Le Bataclan, Le Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, and L'Olympia. In January 2012, Le Monde, the most circulated French newspaper, featured Rochon as part of "50 culture makers in France" and devoted a large editorial to him. Concurrently with his musical projects, Rochon works to cultivate his creativity and strong interest in photography, storytelling and video art with some large-scale projects (for example, Le Cahier Bleu, a book he co-wrote, co-photographed and published with Emilie Fernandez). He has produced near twenty music videos, many of them receiving praise in film festivals. 

A new chapter for Rochon and all things Delano starts today, with the release of Eau, a well-named first solo album in the French language. It's a diary of an aquatic and love life, Mediterranean trips, bike rides, nursery rhymes and child's play; brazen joy and freedom reverberates on each of Eau's tracks. Also a romantic & shiny pop album, Eau is gently arranged by The Delano Orchestra's musicians and stimulated by a light and fresh female harmony. The core elements of the Delano's identity remain intact—trumpet and cello cavorting with and comforting guitar, bass, drums and raw, delicate vocals—but Eau takes a deeper dive, discovering new colors, more intimate and spontaneous, which gives the album an unprecedented freshness. 

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Paroles et musiques : Alexandre Rochon
Batterie : Christophe Pie
Trompette, claviers, trombone : Julien Quinet
Guitare, basse : Matthieu Lopez
Violoncelle : Guillaume Bongiraud
Chant, chœurs : Emilie Fernandez
Chant, guitare, piano, claviers, programmation : Alexandre Rochon
Pochette : Julien Mignot

Enregistré et mixé au studio Palissy par Pascal Mondaz et Didier Lamaze.
Masterisé au studio Basalte par Simon Capony.

Les paroles des chansons Orage et L’Île sont librement inspirées du livre Le Cahier bleu Instant(ané)s de baignades en Auvergne.

Jean-Philippe Toussaint est l’auteur du poème Trois heures et quart qu’il avait écrit à la naissance de sa fille Anna. La chanson reprend un extrait de ce poème.

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RELEASE DATE: 22/06/2015

After releasing five albums with his band The Delano Orchestra (as the leader/singer), and then the group's collaboration with Jean-Louis Murat, BABEL, Alexandre Delano is releasing his first solo record, Eau—the lyrics in french this time.

1. Pénélope Alexandre Delano 3:56
2. La piscine Alexandre Delano 4:23
3. Orage Alexandre Delano 2:50
4. L'herbe Alexandre Delano 2:31
5. L'île Alexandre Delano 2:56
6. Nous appartenir Alexandre Delano 2:31
7. Plume Alexandre Delano 3:35
8. L'alphabet Alexandre Delano 1:57
9. Madeleine Alexandre Delano 7:22
10. Trois heures et quart Alexandre Delano 2:17
6 July 2016

Alexandre Delano // Pénélope

6 July 2016

Alexandre Delano - Orage (official video)

6 July 2016

Alexandre Delano // L'île