Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright

by Shannon Wright

RELEASE DATE: 20/09/2004


AVAILABLE ON: CD (3 panels digipak - 8pages booklet) - VINYL (12" - black vinyl - uncoated paperboard - includes an insert and MP3 download coupon)

This classic released in 2004 is reissued on CD digipak and for the first time on vinyl! A magical meeting between two highly talented artists. Co-produced with the French indie label Ici D'Ailleurs, an album full of beauty and purity.

1. No Mercy For She Shannon Wright 5:43
2. Dragon Fly Shannon Wright 3:15
3. Sound The Bells Shannon Wright 3:49
4. Something To Live For Shannon Wright 4:13
5. Dried Sea Shannon Wright 4:13
6. While You Sleep Shannon Wright 2:33
7. Ode To A Friend Shannon Wright 3:50
8. Ways To Make You See Shannon Wright 4:11
9. Callous Sun Shannon Wright 3:16
10. Pale White Shannon Wright 3:47
In Film Sound
Secret Blood
Honeybee Girls
Let in The Light
Over The Sun
Perishable Goods
Dyed in the Wool
Maps Of Tacit
Flight Safety