The Mainland

by Pollyanna

RELEASE DATE: 18/02/2013

Guitar on her back, Pollyanna takes one final glance back at old Europe, full of history and memories, then steps firmly forward toward the New World … or, at least, that's the story suggested by Pollyanna's second album, “The Mainland,” its cover-art showing a pier by the northern sea, open to the horizon. “The Mainland” is a whirlwind tour of styles and sounds, from Power Pop (“Old Rockers”) to Country (“Broadcast in Heaven”), to Steady (“You're a Tiger”) and, even, Calypso (“I Wish I Worked in a Factory”). But don’t let the varied richness of the twelve tracks’ arrangements fool you, at its heart, this album has a straight-forward honesty that cuts through both the lyrics and the music, and Isabelle’s voice is the core at the center of it all, poised and clear.

1. Real Life Pollyanna 3:16
2. Brighton Pollyanna 3:39
3. About To Rain Pollyanna 3:53
4. You Are A Tiger Pollyanna 2:48
5. Favourite Song Pollyanna 3:26
6. Kids Pollyanna 4:27
7. Bruxelles Pollyanna 4:13
8. Broadcast In Heaven Pollyanna 3:59
9. Old Rockers Pollyanna 3:29
10. I Wish I Worked In A Factory Pollyanna 2:23
11. It's Not The Smoke Pollyanna 3:27
12. Hit The Road Pollyanna 2:59