The Afterlife

by Elysian Fields

RELEASE DATE: 16/02/2009

“The Afterlife“ is easier to discover after some listenings because of its varied influences and its different musical styles. Jazz mood for “Turns Me On“, strongly tango for the pleasant “Only For Tonight“, pop for “Climbing My Dark Hair“. Then, “The Afterlife“ sounds deeply pure : voice, piano, acoustic guitar. The New-York duet is coming back majestically !

1. How We Die Elysian Fields 5:22
2. Where Can We Go But Nowhere Elysian Fields 4:46
3. Drown Those Days Elysian Fields 4:04
4. Turn Me On Elysian Fields 3:57
5. Only For Tonight Elysian Fields 5:03
6. Someone Elysian Fields 5:25
7. Climbing My Dark Hair Elysian Fields 3:30
8. The Moment Elysian Fields 3:32
9. Night Melody Of The Pull Elysian Fields 3:23
10. Ashes In Winter Light Elysian Fields 4:48
Ghosts of No
For House Cats and Sea Fans
Last Night On Earth
Queen Of The Meadow