Secret Blood

by Shannon Wright

RELEASE DATE: 08/11/2010

Recorded in Athens (USA) with her loyal partners, 'Secret Blood' is the most accomplished (her ninth, with the one recorded with Yann Tiersen) of an artist who decided to lead her career with freedom and integrity. Mixed by Andy Baker and mastered by John Golden (Sonic Youth, Ariel Pink, Girls...), 'Secret Blood' does not care about labels, rules and styles, alternating short and long songs, folk tales and blistering attacks noisy.

1. Palomino Shannon Wright 1:42
2. Violent Colors Shannon Wright 5:04
3. Fractured Shannon Wright 2:00
4. Dim Reader Shannon Wright 4:39
5. On The Riverside Shannon Wright 2:41
6. Commoner's Saint Shannon Wright 2:17
7. Merciful Secret Blood Of A Noble Man Shannon Wright 3:34
8. Fairgrounds Shannon Wright 0:26
9. Satellites Shannon Wright 1:52
10. In The Needle Shannon Wright 4:33
11. Under The Luminaries Shannon Wright 3:27
12. Chair To Room Shannon Wright 1:14
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