by Corde Brève

RELEASE DATE: 21/09/2009

Cordebrève, a french duet from Bordeaux, had the great idea to set old french poems to music. These poems were written at the end of the 19th century by poets who lived in Montmartre, the old town of Paris : Paul Verlaine, Sully Prudhomme, Jean Richepin, Jean Moréas, Léon Vallade, Catulle Mendès, or Emile Verhaeren who wrote like we don't do it anymore. Dark atmospheres, most of the time delightful, sometimes languid and pop with a rich orchestration. Eleven songs you have to listen to, without thinking, leaving your thoughts wander, and that's so fulfilling...

1. Oubli Corde Brève 3:02
2. Ici-Bas Corde Brève 3:24
3. Il Pleure Dans Mon Cœur Corde Brève 2:48
4. Nuit De Paris Corde Brève 3:20
5. La Pluie Corde Brève 4:08
6. Le Conseil Corde Brève 3:12
7. La Valse Corde Brève 3:56
8. Soir Religieux Corde Brève 2:49
9. Himmel, Grau Und Wochentägglish !... Corde Brève 3:12
10. Villanelle Du Diable Corde Brève 2:51
11. Sonnet Morne Corde Brève 4:00