Let in The Light

by Shannon Wright

RELEASE DATE: 02/04/2007

2018 vinyl reissue available • Remastered (Globe Audio).

Mature, luminous and beautiful. Much softer than the explosive Over The Sun, Let In The Light is rather influenced by folk sounds and carried by the piano and the guitar, and her ever stirring voice. This album brings up new sides of this astonishing and upright artist with the reputated shows and the deeply moving songs. Let In The Light is said to be her best and most beautiful work, and is sure to become a classic.

*Vinyl reissue also available for Honeybee Girls. See below.

1. Defy This Love Shannon Wright 3:39
2. St. Pete Shannon Wright 3:11
3. You Baffle Me Shannon Wright 3:04
4. Idle Hands Shannon Wright 2:12
5. When The Light Shone Down Shannon Wright 3:32
6. Don't You Doubt Me Shannon Wright 3:14
7. In The Morning Shannon Wright 3:23
8. Steadfast And True Shannon Wright 3:42
9. They'll Kill The Actor In The End Shannon Wright 3:14
10. Louise Shannon Wright 2:19
11. Everybody's Got Their Own Part To Play Shannon Wright 2:44
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