Last Night On Earth

by Elysian Fields

RELEASE DATE: 09/05/2011

With its seven previous albums, Elysian Fields has never written such a good music, as deep and consistent. With Last Night On Earth, the New-York band has probably produced a new classic. This album is one of the most rock and energetic of the band. Probably the most bold ! We can still enjoy their romantic and languorous ballads, with jazz influences. But Last Night On Earth takes as well its inpiration from its rock roots which were always present (David Bowie, Beatles, Lou Reed, etc.). The stunning voice of Jennifer Charles in her best way : she develops it and makes it more varied. Concerning writing, Oren Bloedow has such a great talent, which seems to have no limit thanks to its originality, its subtlety and its freedom. Turned on these eleven new songs, Last Night On Earth could be and is probably the masterpiece of Elysian Fields, every song being so powerful, creative and touching.

1. Sleepover Elysian Fields 3:32
2. Red Riding Hood Elysian Fields 4:41
3. Can't Tell My Friends Elysian Fields 3:56
4. Sweet Condenser Elysian Fields 4:14
5. Chance Elysian Fields 4:48
6. Johnny Elysian Fields 3:57
7. Church Of The Holy Family Elysian Fields 3:32
8. Villain On The Run Elysian Fields 4:24
9. Chandeliers Elysian Fields 4:04
10. Old Old Wood Elysian Fields 3:56
11. Last Night On Earth Elysian Fields 7:27
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