Honeybee Girls

by Shannon Wright

RELEASE DATE: 21/09/2009

2018 vinyl reissue available • Remastered (Globe Audio).

Free exclusive Shannon Wright photo for first orders (23x15cm - 300 gr).

With her long-standing friend Andy Baker (bass player and sound engineer) and with Brant Rackley (drummer in Japancakes) Shannon Wright stirs again her richness in composition and a voice that's reached a radiant ampleness. The lavish sounds and distant pianos on "Honeybee Girls" and "Father" are unlike and incomparable to her previous recordings. Wright's unique percussive guitar playing affirms its individualism on "Tall Countryside" and "Embers In Your Eyes". The piano, the organ, the guitar and the voice are wreathed with a unique spirit accompanied with vague sounds providing an impression of space completely new in her discography. Honeybee Girls is undoubtedly a red-letter in Shannon Wright's career. She conveys a distinct forte for immediate melodies with unparallelled generosity and sensibility through new means.

*Vinyl reissue also available for Let In The Light. See below.

1. Tall Countryside Shannon Wright 3:11
2. Trumpets On New Year's Eve Shannon Wright 2:17
3. Embers In Your Eyes Shannon Wright 2:59
4. Honeybee Girls Shannon Wright 2:44
5. Black Rain Shannon Wright 3:28
6. Father Shannon Wright 3:03
7. Sympathy On Challen Avenue Shannon Wright 3:29
8. Never Arrived Shannon Wright 3:11
9. Strings Of An Epileptic Revival Shannon Wright 2:38
10. Asleep Shannon Wright 3:39
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