Don Lee Doo

by Kim

RELEASE DATE: 07/04/2008

Prolific artist from Bordeaux, "Don Lee Doo" is only his 17th album. Living in Paris, KIM performs a very confident pop music influenced by the 1980's, crossbred of Herman Dune's folk style and as innovating as Beck's. "Don Lee Doo", first part of a trilogy, is delightful, coloured and joyful : the "un-dark side of the pop" !

1. Don Lee Doo On Belly Bay Kim 3:54
2. When The River Turns Around Kim 2:56
3. She's A Lion Kim 3:02
4. Radio Grady Kim 3:16
5. Take Me On Kim 1:52
6. Europa Kim 3:11
7. Because Of Sylvie Kim 2:08
8. Turn Me On Kim 2:35
9. Girl Kim 7:04
10. Requiem For Don Lee Doo Kim 6:29

Mary Lee Doo

by Kim

32 years old, 18th album. He is the french Daniel Johnston from Bordeaux, less depressed and groovier. An inspired guitar player, with a gorgeaous voice and melodies you can't ignore. 1980's are not so outdated, those of Madonna, Prince or even Kate Bush.

1. Mary Lee Doo Kim 3:07
2. Solid Rock Kim 2:25
3. My Family Kim 4:26
4. Never Come Back 2 U Kim 2:36
5. No One Is There Kim 3:26
6. Solenn Kim 4:23
7. Lady Blue Kim 2:55
8. Can You Hear Me This Way ? Kim 4:22
9. Weblog Miracle Kim 2:32
10. Move On Kim 7:11