Brawl In Paradise

by Elyas Khan

RELEASE DATE: 09/09/2013

Brawl In Paradise is Elyas's first solo record following three releases from his NYC based band Nervous Cabaret. To compose Brawl In Paradise he headed for Berlin and the historic NalepaStrasse FunkHaus. Rejecting cultural and artistic nostalgia, Elyas rips apart his music, creating new soundtracks of post-glam, pre-revolutionary, art-rock: styled, not fashioned. In the timeline of popular music genres, Khan fits with musicians who are defined within their own context: artists such as Peter Gabriel, Devo, Bjork, Radiohead or M.I.A.

1. Transmission Room 804 Elyas Khan 0:53
2. Top Of The World Elyas Khan 3:37
3. Brawl In Paradise Elyas Khan 4:50
4. Lowest Of The Law Elyas Khan 3:28
5. Alien In Waiting Elyas Khan 2:18
6. The River Elyas Khan 4:04
7. Three Merry Boys Elyas Khan 5:21
8. Just A Shadow Elyas Khan 1:41
9. Bells Elyas Khan 4:36
10. Cook The Ocean Elyas Khan 3:12
11. What A Party Elyas Khan 2:26
12. Dear Eliza Elyas Khan 3:18