Vicious Circle

Set up in 1993, Vicious Circle, which released more than 140 discs, has always been distinguished by eclectic and sometimes surprising choices. Vicious Circle allows to artists from France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada, or from the USA to meet each other.

From Shannon Wright (Atlanta), exceptional songwriter famous thanks to her albums and live shows which filled everyone with deep feelings (in 2004, she even registered an album with Yann Tiersen), to Tender Forever (Portland), mischievous and creative electro pop. From the amazing BellRays (Los Angeles) to Minor Majority (Oslo), perfect and sophisticated folk coming from a cold area. From the wild hip-hop of Puppetmastaz (Berlin) to th 80' pop of Kim (Bordeaux), incredible young man who can play many musical instruments and who has already released 18 albums. From the languid and dark mood of Elysian Fields (New-York) to the delicate and casual songs of Mansfield.TYA (Paris). But you can find Girls Against Boys, Radio 4, Calc, Julien Pras, Julie Doiron, The Notwist, etc. as well.

The range is varied but the requirement is always high and the desire remains the same despite of this hard time for the discs. However, Vicious Circle still believes in the record industry ; just because the disc is an artistic plan, the result of a hard job, of choices and questions, of the feelings of an artist during the time he completes it. Vicious Circle wants to share strong feelings, rage and madness, love and impatience.

You should listen to Vicious Circle's records many times in order to enjoy them to the full. For some of them, it's even better to rise the sound to the top. All those records reflect our passions and feelings.

Vicious Circle is also a records shop in Toulouse, 56 rue Gambetta.

The offices of Vicious Circle label are in Bordeaux.


12 place de la Victoire

33000 Bordeaux

- France

Ph. : +33 (0)5 57 59 14 13 (if you sent a demo, please do not call - read bellow). 

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Sorry for these stricts rules but we are a very small team with tons of stuff to do and time is passed away too quickly...


If you are looking for working in a cool french label, drinking wine, doing surf and listen music.

If you are a student and are looking for intership in company, Vicious Circle offer you mainly in communication and promotion.

Please contact Guillaume Le Collen.